ATME implemented the largest Refinery Supply Chain Optimization project in the world
2011-05-10 12:43:45

ATME will be completing one of the largest refinery integration projects ever attempted in the energy industry when Kuwait National Petroleum Co. (KNPC) “Supply Chain Optimization Project (SCO)” goes live towards the end of 2009.

The SCO project promises to be a landmark achievement for both client (KNPC) and solutions provider (ATME). Says Edmond Chammas (President & CEO, Advanced Technology Middle East) “This is once again a proof of the confidence that our clients have in our industry leading abilities. This project covers not only client specified applications, but also project management, implementation of business decision making tools, integration technologies, internal and external communications, change management, the development of new business processes and reengineering of exisitng ones as well as the establishment of a new production governing department within the client’s organization.

Referring to the fact it will be the first time that the supply chain will be under central control, Chammas continued: “A magnificent achievement, and in this particular case, the world first Supply Chain Integrated Project. We are pioneers.

Upon completion of KNPC’s SCO project, full control of the refining process will be transferred to a central manufacturing optimization department which will have full control and measurement of the refining process from medium term planning straight through to shipping (distribution) of manufactured product. ATME is the only approved KNPC vendor in charge of the project and was involved from the inception of the project.

The results of this project will offer KNPC the following specific industry advantages:

  • Faster decision making
  • Improved refinery performance measurement
  • Enhanced and optimized planning cycles
  • More efficient refinery scheduling
  • Optimized blend scheduling
  • Totally integrated operational platform

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