MicroStrategy World 2013
2013-06-09 05:45:17

MicroStrategy World 2013
Intelligent Analytics - Actionable Insight at any Time from ALL of your data

We and our partner MicroStrategy, Inc. would like to invite and encourage our valuable clients to attend the most important MicroStrategy World 2013 Event which will be held in Barcelona, Spain during 8th – 11th July 2013.

Conference Highlights:

   Leverage Big Data Analytics for Strategic Advantage... Or Your Competitors Will!           

  How Mobile Software will change everything about the way you do business.

  Deploy Business Analytics Faster, Scale Bigger, Spend Less        

  Empower Every Employee to impact the bottom line with Agile Business Analytics     

  Marketing for the Social Media Age: How to make your market research 10x Broader,
  Faster & More Targeted.

  Unlock the Secrets of Mobile Commerce:  what Apple, Amazon, and Google know that you don’t.

  Eliminate Fraud, Protect your Assets, and secure your borders with Mobile Identity Solutions.

For additional information, please click here to download the Event brochure.
For registration and signing up, please click here.

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